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Publisher of great fiction books for readers who enjoy escaping into their imaginations.


Cambron Publishing

We're Cambron Publishing (CP), a boutique publisher of great fiction books for readers who enjoy escaping into their imaginations. At CP, we believe there is no such thing as an ordinary author, and we delight in proving there is an audience for every book. 


CP was founded on the belief that professionalism, dedication, and perseverance are the cornerstones of success. Our contracts offer shorter terms, favorable royalty shares, and both e-book and print deals. We provide tools to help hard-working authors, who are dedicated to their craft, achieve long-term success. Behind every one of our published books is an enthusiastic team of editors, designers, and marketers, working hard to bring enduring stories to new readers around the world.

Books on this site are currently published under three imprints:

  • Cambron Press publishes a variety of fiction genres. This is our main imprint.

  • Packsaddle Press publishes western fiction, primarily short works. 

  • Trappers Peak Publishing publishes a variety of fiction genres. This imprint does not accept submissions.

Learn more about what we're looking for on our submission page.

Why Cambron Publishing for readers


You are one of the reasons why authors are so passionate about writing. We want you to discover adventure in imagination and find your happily-ever-after between the pages of our books. There's a story here for almost every mood, and we invite you to browse our existing titles and return over and over again as we release more. 

Cambron Publishing for authors


Choosing how and where to publish your book is a very personal decision for an author and his or her career. Large, traditional publishers acquire hundreds, sometimes thousands of books per year, and it is is easy for an author to get lost in their sea of contracts. We cannot guarantee an author's success—no publisher can. However, we promise to provide each CP author the best of our skills, talents, and efforts for the time he or she is with us, at which point the author can venture out on his or her own or continue with the Cambron Publishing family. 

What do we look for in an author? Professionals who are driven and willing to work hard for their successes. ​We appreciate unique voices and new takes on popular tropes. 

Our selection process is simple: We are interested in great stories in the genres we publish by talented authors from all backgrounds. 

  • We are a full-service, royalty-paying publisher. We pay for professional editing, cover art, formatting, and marketing support. 

  • CP acquires a small number of authors at a time so that we may give each one equitable attention, and we are selective about the works we contract. 

  • We offer shorter contract terms with fair and favorable terms.

Why Cambron Publishing for retailers


At Cambron Publishing, we love to still feel the paper when we turn the pages of a book. All of our titles are available in digital format, with most also available through Ingram in print format. If you are a bookseller interested in carrying print books published by Cambron Publishing, please visit our Bookstore & Wholesaler Page


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