and Reviewers

Book bloggers and reviewers are a massive and valuable part of the online book industry, and we understand that it is not always easy to get access to ARCs/review copies, especially if you're outside of the US. We are eager to work with you, and options for both American and international bloggers. 

US-Based Bloggers and Reviewers: We offer both paperback and e-book editions to verified bloggers and reviewers. 

International Bloggers and Reviewers: Due to shipping costs, we are able to only offer e-book editions to verified bloggers and reviewers outside of the US. 

You do not have to have a website or blog if you are strictly a book reviewer. However, we have to have a way to verify you as a reviewer either through Goodreads or Amazon. 

About the ideal book blogger: Professional and reliable with easy-to-read blogs. Bloggers who host our books love the written word. They don't do it to see how many posts they can fit in a single day. They love authors, their books, and want to help in any way they can.

While we always appreciate and encourage only honest reviews, no matter the rating, we do ask that reviewers avoid spoilers and unprofessional behavior toward authors. We respect that not all readers will like every book, but there is not excuse for bad behavior or general meanness. 


Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading and use the form below to request a book for review.

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