Our Content 

We appreciate the diversity of the written language in all its forms. However, we do not publish erotica, LGBT, BDSM,  or books that contain or promote incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, cruelty to animals, racial intolerance, or sexual encounters with minors. 

While we are not always able to fit a book's content rating into a single category, we provide the following content guide to help readers better understand ratings found on book pages.

Our Ratings


Sweet & Clean (G): Just as the rating implies, these are sweet romances that never go beyond kisses. No sex, no leading up to it, just good, wholesome, romance stories.

Guilt-Free (G to PG): These stories have touches of mystery and romance and are clean, without being sweet. They may contain some elements of suspense. Any love scenes are behind closed doors.

Thrills & Chills (PG to PG-13): No sex or romance, but some violence.*


Thrills & Spice (PG-13): These have a little spice that may lead up to sex without graphic description (closed-door). Violence may be present along with some mystery and suspense.*

Spice & Suspense (PG-13): These may have some graphic description, but nothing wild or too detailed. The romance may be more prominent than the mystery or suspense.

Sensuous (R): Lovemaking described in detail, and in more than one scene.

Language Content: Our books do not contain heavy/explicit language. However, some in the PG-R categories may contain a few words swear words, though these words are used sparingly.

*We measure violence by what one would see in other books in western, war-era, or action/adventure/suspense movies. Some may be sensitive to it, others may not. Please use your own judgment. Rape and violence against children are never depicted, though there may be mention without description.