Christmas in Moose Creek

Christmas in Moose Creek

Enjoy the holidays in Moose Creek, Montana where two people discover that second chances are real and hope is a cherished gift.

About the Book

Saige Travers said goodbye to Owen McGregor sixteen years ago. A spontaneous choice brings Saige home to Moose Creek, Montana, and she doesn’t expect her past to catch up with her present. When Owen walks back into her life, she struggles to remember why she left. Together they discover second chances are real and hope is a cherished gift.

Available individually in e-book. Also available in e-book and paperback as part of Christmas in the Rockies.


"McKenna Grey, you never cease to amaze me. Your books are filled with such wonderful characters, families, and love. I know I have read this story before, but I enjoyed it just as much this time as I had the first time. Waiting patiently for your next new book." —Amazon review

​"This was one of the greatest books ever. Not only did it show the true meaning of Christmas but it also showed that true love is possible!" —Mary's Opinion

"I truly love this author, especially her Christmas themed books. They always get right to my heart!"
— Goodreads Review

"Romance at its best. Another great read by McKenna Grey. I am never disappointed. I have been anticipating the release . . . and loved all three stories." — M.L. Sullivan

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Trappers Peak Publishing

Nov 14, 2016

Sweet & Clean

Second-Chance Romances

Not part of a series.

The Author

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McKenna Grey writes romantic suspense and thrillers, including the Kyndall Family series, and heartwarming, small-town romance to break up the murder and mayhem. She lives and plays in the northern Rocky Mountains where she manages to stay out of the trouble her characters can't seem to avoid.


Sneak Peek

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On a winding mountain road in Moose Creek, Montana
October 10

THE 4X4 CAREENED to a stop and the driver waited in disbelief at the deplorable timing of Mother Nature. Moose Creek, Montana, had its share of wildlife—bear, deer, elk, mountain lions—but in her thirty-three years, Saige Travers had never seen a moose on this mountain. Until today.

​No one waited for her in her swank two-bedroom condo in Seattle except the goldfish her brother gave to her as a joke for her birthday. She’d needed a break from the city and the cataclysmic string of end-of-the-road relationships she’d been in the past five years. More like dates, if she was going to be honest with herself.

​Saige Travers didn’t have time for relationships.

​She didn’t believe in settling for less when she wanted more. The “more” included her position as an ad executive for one of Seattle’s elite marketing firms, a corner office, and the respect of her colleagues while she worked her way up the time-honored ladder to the top floor.

​Unfortunately, no one ever told Saige that when she reached the top, she would be alone more often than not. She enjoyed her work and the success she’d attained, but whenever the holiday season approached and her artfully constructed campaigns graced billboards, television spots, and magazine covers, Saige always experienced a moment of doubt and a touch of sadness.

​Saige had completed her campaigns ahead of schedule, and while the leaves began to change in the landscaped park next to her office building, she’d found herself wondering how she ended up in a sky rise 500 miles from home. Autumn was her favorite season in Montana, and staring out her office window overlooking Elliot Bay, Saige realized she was exactly where she didn’t want to be.

​In a moment of nostalgia, she clicked the bookmarked tab on her PC that took her to the chamber of commerce website for her hometown of Moose Creek. The town had put up a web camera overlooking Main Street and the tranquil bay of Eagle Lake. Out of habit and enjoyment, she perused the classifieds page, which featured five advertisements from local businesses. She smiled. It was a busy week for the chamber.

​Whether it had been fate, luck, or good timing, an idea sparked. Saige had planned everything. From the day she graduated high school, packed up for college, and said goodbye to her high school sweetheart, every second had been part of a careful strategy to conquer the world.

​One week ago, Saige had tossed aside every plan she’d ever made, and now she waited for a moose on a road she’d forgotten remained untraveled unless her parents happened to drive to and from town. According to the last conversation with her mother, they’d been holed up planning this year’s Halloween festival for a town that managed to fill every month with some kind of fair, feast, or special event.

​If she’d told them she was coming, they would have asked questions, and right now, she didn’t have all the answers.

Excerpt © McKenna Grey

Christmas in Moose Creek
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