Shadow of the Forgotten

Shadow of the Forgotten

As the threat against them grows and the questions multiply, they’ll have to trust each other—and their feelings—if they’re going to survive.

About the Book

A woman preyed upon by corruption. A man who won’t abandon her. An obsession that could destroy them both.

Heather York’s investigative career with the U.S. Marshals Service is neither glamorous nor dangerous, but when she’s thrust to the precipice of an unexpected threat, she has no choice but to wonder if she was meant to be collateral damage or the intended victim.

At a luxury lakeside lodge in Maine, Jordan Kyndall’s plans to celebrate the wedding of his college roommate go awry before the happy couple has a chance to say “I do.” Jordan anticipated a good time with old friends. Instead, he stumbles upon a gruesome scene in the picturesque woods of the woman whose lifeless body unexpectedly stirs his protective nature.

As the threat against them grows and the questions multiply, they’ll have to trust each other—and their feelings—if they’re going to survive.

From a quaint and unsuspecting town in northern Maine comes Shadow of the Forgotten, the second book in the Kyndall Family Thrillers series, a contemporary suspense series filled with gripping intrigue, riveting romance, and nonstop adventure.


“THIS is how you do a second in series and keep a reader coming back for more! Romance, intrigue, mystery, suspense, and danger -- how can you go wrong with all of these elements combined? This story was interesting and engaging with likable characters and a fast-paced, unpredictable plot. Truly a joy to read!” — BookBub review on Shadow of the Forgotten

"The well-defined characters combined with the suspenseful storyline make this a must read, and one that I will be recommending to all of my bookworm friends. I’m amazed at how smooth these two authors have combined their talents into one fabulous story." — Linda Thompson, Host of

“The suspense doesn’t let up and it’s a fight to the end. This is the beginning of a new series and you can tell they will all be suspenseful and have lots of fast action. This was a very good read.” — Long & Short Reviews

"LOVED! LOVED! LOVED Shadow of the Forgotten, written by McKenna Grey and Everly Archard, a suspenseful story that makes you feel excited or anxious about what is going to happen next. It starts with fast action and it keeps going on until the very end. This fabulous suspense with a touch of romance meets all these criteria's. You won’t be disappointed!" — Goodreads review

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Cambron Press

January 24, 2018


Thrills & Spice

Kyndall Family Thrillers

Book 2

The Author

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McKenna Grey writes romantic suspense and thrillers, including the Kyndall Family series, and heartwarming, small-town romance to break up the murder and mayhem. She lives and plays in the northern Rocky Mountains where she manages to stay out of the trouble her characters can't seem to avoid.
Everly Archard is a pseudonym of USA Today bestselling paranormal and fantasy romance author D.D. Miers. Always on the search for her next writing adventure, she branched out into the exciting world of contemporary romantic suspense, where she serves up pulse-pounding mystery, epic romance, and a whole lot of thrills!


Sneak Peek

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Jordan eased the rented SUV into the graveled parking lot of the lakeside lodge. Nestled in the thick pine forest surrounding Moosehead Lake, the Highlands Lodge reminded him of the fishing camp his family frequented in Alaska.

​He stepped out and walked around to the back of the vehicle, breathing in the fresh northern air. Though nothing like his hometown of Stewart Crossing, which was tucked away on a remote Alaskan bay, Moose Creek, Maine, was a pleasant escape from the spring heat of North Carolina where he operated the main branch of Eagle Wilderness Journeys.

​The parking lot was empty, but he heard voices coming from the back of the lodge, laughter carrying through the trees and echoing over the water. Adam, his college roommate and the reason Jordan trekked up north, ambled across the gravel and pulled Jordan into a big hug. Considering Adam stood four inches shorter than Jordan and weighed thirty pounds less, it wasn’t easy.

​“Damn, it’s good to see you.”

​Jordan returned the easy smile. “You look happy.”

​“Wait till you meet her.” Adam opened the back of the SUV and lifted the duffel out before Jordan objected. “You’re going to love her. I mean, whoever thought I’d ever be monogamous.”

​Jordan laughed, closed the back door, and followed Adam to the lodge. “If I recall, you didn’t know the meaning of the word all through our senior year.”

​“Well, yeah, but could you blame me?” Adam led him around the corner of the lodge and stopped. “Wait, there she is.”

​Adam had described her perfectly. Girl-next-door pretty and fresh off the cheerleading squad, Grace was only a year younger than his friend. Her pale, blond curls bounced as she walked on long legs across the lawn. “She’s something all right. I wouldn’t have expected—”

​It wasn’t often when life’s unexpected moments stunned Jordan into silence or immobilized him, but none stopped his breath quite like his first glimpse of the woman standing next to Adam’s fiancée.

​“Who is she?”

​“It’s Grace, man, who do you think . . . Ah.” Adam nudged Jordan’s ribs with his elbow and laughed. “That’s Heather, Grace’s maid of honor.”

Excerpt © McKenna Grey and Everly Archard

Shadow of the Forgotten
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