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Why Cambron Publishing for authors

Choosing between a small traditional publisher and large traditional publisher is a very personal decision for an author and his or her career. Large, traditional publishers acquire hundreds, sometimes thousands of books per year, and it is is easy for an author to get lost in their sea of contracts. CPG acquires a small number of authors at a time so that we may mentor each one individually. We cannot guarantee an author's success—no publisher can. However, we promise to provide each CPG author the best of our skills, talents, and efforts for the time he or she is with us, at which point the author can venture out on his or her own or continue with the Cambron Publishing family. 

What do we look for in an author? Professionals who are driven and willing to work hard for their successes. 


Cambron is currently accepting submissions in a variety of fiction genres. We appreciate unique voices and new takes on popular tropes. We are especially interested in the following: 

  • Historical Romance, be it Western, Medieval, Scottish, Civil War, Victorian, or Regency. 

  • Contemporary Romance that leaves us laughing, crying, or both. We adore a good second-chance romance, and especially like small town settings.  

  • Romantic Suspense, Mysteries, and Thrillers that leave us clinging to the pages. Female sleuths are most welcome, as are books with series potential. 

  • For all genres, we enjoy witty dialogue, heartfelt situations, and strong heroes and heroines. Of course, all romance must have a happily-ever-after, even if it takes a little work to get there. 

  • No cliffhangers! Even books in a series need a solid ending that leave the reader satisfied.

Ready to submit your manuscript? 

Now that you know what we're about and what we look for in books, click on the button below for full submission guidelines, genres, and the submission form.