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Editorial Process

Our editing team takes a manuscript through developmental edits, line edits, copy edits, and proofreading. The process applies only to manuscripts that have already been acquired by CPG. 

  1. Our editors evaluate the "big picture" and review a manuscript’s plot, pacing, point over view, dialogue, etc. in the first step of developmental edits. 

  2. The editor guides the author through revisions to improve the manuscript.

  3. The editor then works with the author to polish the writing and make it read as well as possible. 

  4. Lastly, our editors make sure the manuscript is the best version everyone can make it, and ready for publication.

Marketing & Promotions

While it is standard in the industry for authors to assume most of the marketing, promoting, and publicity for their works themselves, CPG will provide as much support as we are able. We also publish one press release per book, and if you choose, we will assist you on setting up an author website to get you started. We are looking for authors who are eager to promote their work or who already have an online presence. As to that, professionalism is paramount and holds as much, if not more, value than a legion of social followers.

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