Journey to Hawk's Peak

A Novel

MK McClintock





Trappers Peak Publishing

Series: Montana Gallaghers, book five

On Sale: October 19, 2016

Genre: Historical Romantic Western

Content: No graphic sex; mild violence

Meet the Author

MK McClintock

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One woman's desperation to escape will become the greatest journey of her life.

Amanda Warren arrives in Briarwood, Montana, with one satchel and a dream. After death destroyed her happiness, she flees, unwilling to believe it is the end, yet her weary spirit thinks only of survival.

Then she meets the Gallaghers.

They take a chance and give her a home and a family, but is she strong enough to make a new start?

Ben Stuart has seen more of life than he wants to remember, but with the Gallaghers he has found a place where he can forget times gone by and live the life he always wanted. When Amanda arrives at Hawk’s Peak, Ben sees a woman hiding from secrets and running from her past. How will he convince her that the journey is over?


Join us on a journey to Hawk's Peak for a romantic adventure you'll never forget.


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Praise for MK's Montana Gallagher Series

"Journey to Hawk's Peak by MK McClintock is one of the most gripping and thrilling western novels that anyone will ever read. This is probably the best novel that I have yet read as a reviewer. It clicks on all cylinders—grammar, punctuation, plot, characterization, everything. This novel is a serious page-turner, and for fans of western fiction, it is a must-read." 

Readers' Favorite

"The writing is enjoyable, the scenery breathtaking and the story flows like the misty apparition in the Gallagher’s home. It is an interesting mix of characters coming from different places and cultures and keeps the reader wanting to know more about them. I had a hard time putting this book down, not for a mystery to solve or a stunning plot line, but because I felt like I had just met some new friends in this sweet heartwarming western adventure." —Lyn Ehley

"MK, I purposely held off reading this book as soon as I had received it, which was the first day it became available, because I knew I would absolutely love it. As I always do when I receive a new book in one of your series, I went back and re-read the first four Montana Gallagher books. Once I started, I didn't put it down. I loved it!!"—M.L. Sullivan

Meet the Author

MK McClintock is a multiple award-winning author of an ever-growing number of novels and short stories. Her stories of adventure, romance, and mystery sweep across the American West to the Victorian British Isles, with places and times between and beyond. 


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