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A Letter from Mary Frances Fisher: What is Psychic Income?

Dear Reader,

Normally income is associated with monetary gain. So how does this differ from psychic income?

Basically it's the emotional boost from accomplishing a long-desired goal.

In my case, it was derived from writing my first novel, Paradox Forged in Blood, and finding a wonderful publisher (Cambron Publishing) whose goals are in sync with my own. This endeavor also provided an outlet for me in dealing with my mother's demise in 2008 - a loss compounded by the finalization of my divorce exactly one week earlier. Filling the void in my life and coping with devastation became tantamount to my emotional stability. But how could I accomplish this?

I knew it was necessary to tap into my strengths and develop them in a positive way. Writing became my salvation as I cast my mother and her family in a historical murder mystery (a genre that my mother loved.) Over the next several years (between working a full-time job and completely revising the book six times) my newly-discovered passion consumed my lonely nights and provided a positive outlet. Holding PFIB in my hands for the first time was the psychic equivalent of winning the lottery. Miracles really do come true!

Until next time!

~Mary Frances Fisher

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