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A Letter from McKenna Grey ~ The Origins of Writing

Dear Reader,

Shadow of the Forgotten by McKenna Grey and Everly Archard

I have what is commonly referred to as an overactive imagination. I've lived with my "head in the clouds" making up stories for as long as I can remember.

My mental wanderings never managed to focus on one thing; I had too many ideas and stories to explore.

I'd watch a movie and imagine myself in the heroine's shoes. I'd read books and put myself in the story as my favorite character. Many readers and authors can relate, though unlike some authors, I couldn't set myself on a single genre. I wanted to write everything! Okay, not everything, but a lot of different things.

I started out writing historical western romance and historical romantic mystery under my other pen name. After a few years, I knew the contemporary story ideas floating around in my head for years would need a release, and thus was born McKenna Grey.

Whether it's romantic suspense, thrillers, sweet romance, or one of the multi-genre series I have planned, I've learned to embrace the wildness of my imagination with a variety of stories. I don't limit what I write; If I think it and it can be put on paper, it will be written.

The latest book release, Shadow of the Forgotten, is another reminder that there are no limits to the creative process. A few rules, perhaps, but no limits.

I hope we meet soon in the pages of a book!

Until next time,

~McKenna Grey

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