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A Letter from MK McClintock ~ Character Motivation

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wondered what motivates a character? Or what motivates an author to write a character a certain way?

"I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine." ~Elizabeth Bennet

Think back to a favorite story or novel you've read. What was it that made it a favorite? If one dissects, one will most likely discover that the characters are what truly made that book one you remember. Characters such as Elizabeth Bennett from Pride & Prejudice, Brian Boru from Princes of Ireland and Dillon Savich from Catherine Coulter's FBI series are among some of my favorites, and there are many. Those characters are the story, they give life to the reading and draw one into their world, for however brief a time.

As a writer, one must ask oneself, "Why do we love these characters? What is it about them that has us believing in their dreams or cheering for them to catch the bad guy or win the battle?" Whether fictional or real, these characters breathe as we do and discovering the characteristics, choices, and passions that make them who they are is, what I believe, the fundamental step in creating a truly remarkable story.

Until next time, dear reader!

~MK McClintock

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