Tales from Whitcomb Springs: Volume 1

Short Story Collection

MK McClintock, Samantha St. Claire, Christi Corbett




Series: Whitcomb Springs, Volume 1

Trappers Peak Publishing

On Sale: March 7, 2019

Genre: Western

Meet a delightful group of settlers whose stories and adventures celebrate the rich life of the American West.


Set in post-Civil War Montana Territory, in the mountain valley town of Whitcomb Springs, is a community of strong men and women who have worked to overcome individual struggles faced during and after the war.


Escape to Whitcomb Springs with tales of adventure, danger, romance, and hope in this special collection of short stories and novelettes from award-winning authors MK McClintock, Samantha St. Claire, and Christi Corbett.

From MK McClintock: Whitcomb Springs, Forsaken Trail, Unchained Courage

From Samantha St. Claire: Healing Fire, Tracking Amy, The Unwitting Hero of Whitcomb Springs

From Christi Corbett: Retribution Road

All stories in the Whitcomb Springs series are available individually as e-books.

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Praise for the Whitcomb Springs Series

"What a wonderful story of courage and hope. I loved Evelyn Whitcomb’s story and her love for her town and the families in it. How courageous she was. I hope we hear more about Evelyn and Daniel in future stories. I look forward to more short stories from this post-Civil War town."

~Reader on "Whitcomb Springs"

"Samantha St, Claire's HEALING FIRE is a lovely read! I felt like I was there in the yard, my back leaning against a fence post, as I watched events unfold. Miss St. Claire writes about choices a young widow makes for herself and for her son in the face of societal judgment and familial pressure. I couldn't pull myself away, so I finished it in one sitting. Especially gripping was the fire scene. Lovable characters left me wanting more, please."

~ Reader on "Healing Fire"

"Thank you for this story which just wets my appetite for more books in the future. I've had a marvelous afternoon reading about the good, the bad and the honorable."

~ Reader on "Retribution Road"

"Forsaken Trail is another fabulous read by MK McClintock! I have read just about everything MK has written and I am never disappointed. This one is no different. It is a short story but it is packed full of adventure, suspense, love and inspiration. I loved it! I give Forsaken Trail 5 stars and highly recommend Cooper’s story for all who love a good historical."

~ Reader on "Forsaken Trail"


"I had fun reading this short story! I kept wanting to find out about the characters and there was the perfect balance of background info and curiosity of each. I highly recommend this story!!"

~Reader on "Tracking Amy"


“‘The Unwitting Hero of Whitcomb Springs’ is a well-paced, engaging short story by author Samantha St. Claire. Ms. St. Claire is eminently skilled in story-telling, evidenced by the presentation of heart-warming images in phrasing that stays in the mind once the story has ended."

~Reader on "The Unwitting Hero of Whitcomb Springs"


“Daniel and Evelyn Whitcomb had dreams together. However, when he returns home from the Civil War, he is not the same man. Along with their friends Cooper and Abigail, they will embark on a journey of hope and courage.” ~ Reader on "Unchained Courage"


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Meet the Authors

MK McClintock is a multiple award-winning author of an ever-growing number of novels and short stories. Her stories of adventure, romance, and mystery sweep across the American West to the Victorian British Isles, with places and times between and beyond. 


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Christi Corbett is an award-winning author of four books, and enjoys writing stories of brave men and spirited women settling the American west. Shelives in a small town in Oregon with her husband and their twin children.

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Award-winning author Samantha St. Claire divides her time between her homes in Idaho and the Olympic Peninsula. Traveling along the old Oregon trail has provides her with the wild landscapes and historic inspiration for this exciting new series, The Sawtooth Range. Her own pioneer roots have stirred her interest in the early settlements of Idaho and Montana.

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